Monday, July 28, 2008

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How To Identify Hidden Website Defects That Are Costing You Business - Conversion Rate Optimization

Web analytics: Hitting the bullseye, or 8 degrees off?
One of the most powerful and yet overlooked areas of Internet marketing is web analytics. No other marketing tool can provide such detail and accuracy about your strategic marketing objectives. Web analytics tools show smart marketers what works and what doesn’t, so that time and resources are spent on top-performing keywords, ads and landing pages.

Some key performance indicators to track:

* Conversion rate: the probability of web visitors turning into qualified leads
* Percent of new (or unique) visitors to your website
* Ratio of new to returning visitors on your site
* Amount of time a visitor remains on your site during an average visit
* Page "stickiness:" the landing pages' probability to successfully retain a visitor

When you make a strategic change to your website or ad campaign, evaluate how it impacts these key performance indicators, and then adjust your materials accordingly. It’s often surprising what a big difference a few seemingly minor "tweaks" can make to a campaign’s performance.

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